HPC @ Uni.lu

High Performance Computing in Luxembourg

The UL HPC facility consists of 5 clusters with Intel multicore processors running CentOS and Debian Linux operating systems.

  • iris is the newest UL HPC cluster, built on CentOS and the SLURM workload manager
  • chaos and gaia constitute the previous core UL HPC clusters restricted, as is iris, for UL staff members, external collaborators and students
  • g5k cluster is part of the Grid’5000 instrument
  • nyx is our internal experimental cluster we use to test new hardware and qualify our deployment procedure. It is NOT open to users.
Most of the documentation proposed on this website is only relevant for the core UL HPC facility i.e. the iris, gaia and chaos clusters.
For the documentation specific to Grid’5000, see this page.
A handy, 1-page printable, UL HPC quick reference guide is available here.

The HOME file system is global for each site meaning you might have to synchronize your data between each site manually, even if utility script are provided to facilitate this synchronization. See the File Transfer page.

Below are the steps you’ll have to follow to use the UL HPC platform.

Important We are continuously enhancing a set of tutorials (sources). Give them a try!