HPC @ Uni.lu

High Performance Computing in Luxembourg

All sessions will take place in the Belval Campus in the following rooms:

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019: MSA 4.540, 4.140
  • Friday, June 21, 2019: MSA 4.540, 4.510

Important You are expected to bring your laptop for all sessions since there will be no workstation available on site.

All tutorials proposed as practical sessions will be available on GitHub.

The planned agenda is depicted below.

Agenda - Thrusday, June 20th, 2019

Day 1 Main Track (MSA 4.540)  
9h00-9h45 PS1: Preliminaries (SSH) slides
9h45-10h15 Coffee break slides
10h15-11h30 Keynote: Overview and Challenges of the UL HPC Facility slides
11h30-12h30 PS2: Getting Started 2.0  
12h30-13h30 LUNCH  
13h30-15h00 PS4a: Monitoring & Profiling I (basics) slides
15h00-16h30 PS5a: Scalable Science I (Basics - OpenMP/MPI jobs) slides
16h30-17h00 Coffee break  
17h00-18h30 PS6: Big Data Applications (batch, stream, hybrid) slides


Day 1 Parallel Track (MSA 4.140)  
11h30-12h30 PS3: (Advanced) Job scheduling with SLURM slides
12h30-13h30 LUNCH  
13h30-15h00 PS4b: Monitoring & Profiling II (Advanced - Performance engineering) slides
15h00-16h30 PS5b: Scalable Science II (Advanced - Computational Physics, Chemistry & Engineering apps.) slides
16h30-17h00 Coffee break (in MSA 4.540)  
17h00-18h30 PS7: Scientific computing using MATLAB slides

Agenda - Friday, June 21th, 2019

Day 2 Main Track (MSA 4.540)  
9h00-10h00 PS8: HPC Containers with Singularity slides
10h00-10h30 Coffee break  
10h30-11h15 Keynote/PS9: Data management (backup, decommissioning…) slides
11h15-12h00 User Session  
  N. M. De Lange: Exploratory analysis of ATAC-seq data from dopaminergic neurons  
  Dr. J. Decouchant: RepuCoin: Reputation-based Byzantine consensus  
  Dr. X. Besseron: High Performance Parallel Coupling of OpenFOAM+XDEM  
12h00-13h00 LUNCH  
13h00-14h15 PS10a: Python I (Basic) Prototyping with Python slides
14h15-15h45 PS10b: Python II (Advanced) Parallel Machine learning slides
  and Evolutionary Computation slides
15h45-16h15 Coffee break  
16h15-17h30 PS13a: Deep Learning I (Basics) Keras/Tensorflow CPU/GPU slides
17h30-18h30 PS13b: Deep learning II (Advanced - distributed) Horovod slides
Day 2 Parallel Track (MSA 4.510)  
9h00-10h00 PS5c: Scalable Science III (Advanced - GPU programming) slides
10h00-12h00 Keynote and user session in the main track  
12h00-13h00 LUNCH  
13h00-14h15 PS11: R - statistical computing slides
14h15-15h45 PS12: [Bioinformatics workflows with snakemake and conda]((https://ulhpc-tutorials.readthedocs.io/en/latest/bio/snakemake/) slides
15h45-16h15 Coffee break  
16h15-17h30 PS14: Optimizers (CPLex, Gurobi) slides