HPC @ Uni.lu

High Performance Computing in Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg operates since 2007 a High Performance Computing platform which currently features a total of nodes (in practice, computing cores) for a cumulative computing power estimated at TFlops.

The total raw storage capacity shared within the clusters is currently estimated at TB (NFS + Lustre).

The effective usage of this complex platform is not an easy task and requires both talent and system skills to understand the impact of our personal workflow on the global performance of the system.

The UL HPC management team, together with leading computational scientists of the UL and HPC technologists will offer instructions and practical sessions on a variety of topics, including:

  • Access to and interaction with the UL HPC infrastructures
  • HPC challenges, especially as regards data and storage management
  • HPC workflow management (for sequential and parallel tasks)
  • HPC Programming and Usage of the main software available on the platform (Matlab, R, MPI, physics, chemistry, bioinformatics tools) and services (Galaxy) using the platform
  • Scientific visualization
  • Software environment management
  • Virtualization on the clusters linked to the Grid’5000 platform

The aim is to cover basic as well as advanced usage of the platform. Whether you have no HPC experience or are an advanced user, don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about the efficient usage of the system.

This third edition of the UL HPC School took place on:
June 25th and 26th, 2015, on the Limpertsberg campus, the “BS 3.03 Auditorium (Sciences Building)”


All sessions will take place at the Limpertsberg Campus, with the main track in the BS 3.03 Auditorium.

Important You are expected to bring your laptop for all sessions since there will be no workstation available on site.

All tutorials proposed as practical sessions will be available on GitHub. The detailed program is available here.

Agenda - Day 1 (June 25th, 2015)

June 25th Main Track (BS 3.03 Auditorium) Track 1 (BS 1.04) Track 2 (BS 3.04)
09h00-09h15 HPC School opening session – S. Varrette    
09h15-10h00 Keynote 1: High Performance Computing at UL and abroad – S. Varrette    
10h00-10h30 Keynote 2: UL HPC in practice: why, what, how, where to look – X. Besseron    
10h30-10h45 Coffee break    
10h45-12h30 Keynote 3 / PS 1A: Complementary yet key IT Survival Guide: Git, Vagrant – S. Varrette PS 1B: Getting Started on the UL HPC platform (SSH, data transfer, OAR, modules, monitoring) – S. Diehl  
12h30-13h45 LUNCH LUNCH  
13h45-14h00 Keynote 4: XCS Portal – V. Plugaru – (src)    
14h00-15h45 PS 2A: HPC workflow with sequential jobs (test cases on GROMACS, Python and Java) – S. Varrette PS 2B: MATLAB 1 (interactive, passive, sequential, XCS) – V. Plugaru PS 2C: Virtualization on Grid’5000 platform (KVM, Xen) – H. Cartiaux
15h45-16h00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16h00-17h30 PS 3A: HPC workflow with Parallel/Distributed jobs: application on MPI software (test cases on OSU/HPL) – S. Varrette PS 3B: MATLAB 2 (checkpointing, parallel) – V. Plugaru PS 3C: R - statistical computing – J. Emeras

PS = Practical Session using your laptop

Agenda - Day 2 (June 26th, 2015)

Important Please note that the rooms for the parallel Tracks 1 and 2 are not the same as for the Day 1 sessions.

June 26th Main Track (BS 3.03 Auditorium) Track 1 (BCE 0.12) Track 2 (BCE 2.08)
09h15-10h30 Keynote 5: Users’ session: UL HPC experiences    
  S. Nielsen: HPC User Experience in Genetic Algorithms and Bio-IT    
  R. Bisdorff: Python multiprocessing    
  J. Berryman: HPC usage in the UL Soft Matter Theory Group    
10h30-10h45 Coffee break    
10h45-12h30 PS 4A: Software environment generation: RESIF/Easybuild – M. Schmitt    
12h30-13h45 LUNCH    
13h45-14h15 Keynote 6: Data management – S. Varrette – (src)    
14h15-15h45 PS 5A: Bioinformatics workflows using the Galaxy portal – S. Diehl PS 5B: Running parallel software: test cases on CFD / MD / Chemistry applications (OpenFOAM, NAMD, ASE, ABINIT, Quantum Espresso) – V. Plugaru PS 5C: GPGPU and shared memory programming (CUDA, OpenMP and Intel TBB) – S. Varrette – Cancelled
15h45-16h00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16h00-17h30 PS 6A: Running bioinformatics software: test cases on Abyss, GROMACS, Bowtie2/TopHat, mpiBLAST – S. Diehl PS 6B: Graphical Sessions and Visualization: Paraview and Rstudio under XCS – V. Plugaru – Cancelled PS 6C: Advanced workflows on parametric jobs management (best-effort, containers, checkpointing) – H. Cartiaux

PS = Practical Session using your laptop

Practical information


The HPC school will be organized at the Limpertsberg campus of the University of Luxembourg.

University of Luxembourg, campus Limpertsberg
162a, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
49°37’24.3”N, 6° 6’43.6”E (49.623406, 6.112102)


By bus, from the airport

Take the bus 16 (every 10/25 minutes), get off at stop Fondation Pescatore then cross the street and take bus 2 or 4 (every 20 minutes), get off at stop “Lycée Technique Michel Lucius” and walk down rue Guillaume Capus.

By bus, from the train station

Several choices:

  • Bus 19 (every 20 minutes), get off at stop Limpertsberg, Centre Universitaire
  • Bus 2 or 4 (every 20 minutes), get off at stop “Lycée Technique Michel Lucius” and walk down rue Guillaume Capus.

More information: Mobilitait Zentral

By car

You can park your car on the campus, or more probably at parking areas available in the nearby streets.