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UL HPC School 2020

UL HPC School 2020

The 10th edition of the High Performance Computing (HPC) School was held (remotely) on Dec 20-21, 2019. 153 e-participant registered (88,9% from the University) and participated to this event.

Having a High Performance Computing platform available for the UL researchers and PhD students is a chance to deeply accelerate their workflow and analysis, however the effective usage of such a complex system requires both talent and system skills to understand the impact of its personal workflow on the global performances of the system.

In this context, the new edition of the HPC School was again the opportunity to offer for both beginners and advanced users an up-to-date overview of the HPC (High Performance Computing) developments recently performed within the University and abroad, as well as instructions and practical sessions on a variety of topics representative of research activities and domains present at the university.


The traditional inaugural keynote presented by Dr. Varrette offered an up-to-date overview of the HPC and Big Data (BD) strategic developments within the University in 2020 (and despite the COVID-19 crisis). Indeed this year was the occasion of several important changes, both in terms of people and HPC services. This keynote review them in a synthetic way.

A second keynote delivered the second day by Sarah Peter covered the data management aspects (of particular importance with the release of the GDPR regulation).

Otherwise, most of the time was dedicated to 11 practical parallel sessions (including several brand new ones) ) lectured by the HPC team together with leading computational scientists of the University of Luxembourg and HPC technologists (in particular Dr. Aurélien Ginolhac (LSRU) and Dr. Christian Hundt (Nvidia)).

It is worth to note that following the Open Science paradigm, the material of all proposed tutorials is publicly available since the very first edition on github and on http://ulhpc-tutorials.readthedocs.io/.


As initiator and coordinator of this event since the first edition in 2014, I would like to express my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the below contributors (in alphabetical order) which permitted for this 10th edition to be yet another big success.