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Gitlab.uni.lu Infrastructure Migration

As you probably have noticed, our UL HPC Gitlab instance has been migrated during the last maintenance and has a new look on its welcome page and logo.

During this maintenance, two major modifications have been performed: upgrade to Gitlab Enterprise Edition (GitlabEE) and migration to a new infrastructure.

With the upgrade from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition, we will now benefit from new features on the administration side.

The big step of migrating all the data and configuration to the new infrastructure is now over! This infrastructure is more powerful, is located on the new University of Luxembourg network and has more storage capacity. All the configuration of Gitlab is now orchestrated and can be changed easily. The new architecture in place has two redundant servers serving the Gitlab application and all the services are isolated in different VMs.

New services are planned to be activated soon (for example Mattermost or Gitlab registry). They will be announced on the mailing-list when they will be released.