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FAQ: How Do I Use CPLEX?

We currently have version 12.8 of the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio available on the UL HPC platform.

A prerequisite for its use is membership in the IBM Academic Initiative program, which is free for academic use.

Please have a look at this tutorial: Distributed Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) optimization with Cplex and Gurobi.

An alternative exists in the form of Gurobi Optimizer for which we hold an Academic site license, thus UL members require no additional special membership.
It is meant for academic research and/or coursework related to academic studies. Any commercial use is strictly forbidden.

To use Gurobi, simply load its profile with module use math/GurobiOptimizer within an OAR job, then run gurobi_cl.
Benchmarks comparing Gurobi to CPLEX and XPRESS are available here.