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FAQ: SSH Tunneling Under Windows?

Port forwarding using MobaXTerm (examples for iris)

  • Connect to HPC normally
  • Start a job with the parameters that you need (e.g. for a full compute node in the interactive partition for 4h) :
$ srun -p interactive --time 4:0:0 -N 1 --ntasks-per-node 28 --pty bash -i

Remember the hostname of the node, for example :

[<yourlogin>@iris-003 ~]$
  • Run your jupyter notebook / tensorboard / your program that requires port forwarding on specific port!

For example,

$ jupyter notebook --port=2222
$ tensorboard --logdir=/tmp --port=2222
  • In MobaXterm: Tools -> MobaSSHTunnel

Configure it like this:

  1. Adapt the IP with the one of your reserved node (or put the hostname of the node instead : iris-003)
  2. Put the port of the remote server, where the application is running (2222 in our example)
  3. Adapt the username with your username (cparisot in our example)
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on the network adapter button and choose
  6. Click on the key button and choose your private key
  7. Click on the green arrow to start the tunnel
  8. Access locally via

Local port forwarding was used: connections from the SSH client are forwarded via the SSH server, then to a destination server. More about port forwarding on ubuntu.com website