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Tutorial: Reproducible Research @ CloudCom'16

IEEE CloudCom 2016

Online Tutorial: RR-tutorials.readthedocs.io Download the slides (PDF)

At the occasion of IEEE CloudCom 2016 conference organized in Luxembourg, a tutorial session as been organized by S. Varrette to offer a set of practical sessions around selected tools we consider relevant for the many challenges opened by Reproducible Research:

  • Accurate, organized and easy-to read / take /share} Docs
  • Sharing Code and Data
  • Mastering your environment clean and automated by:
    • Using common building tools \hfill{make, cmake etc.}
    • Using a constrained environment * Sandboxed Ruby/Python,Vagrant, Docker
    • Automate its building through cross-platform recipes
    • Automatically test your recipes for Environment configuration

The Reproducible Research thematic is of course crucial for all research domain, and even more for users of High Performance Computing facility such as the UL HPC platform. Thus you might be interesting to follow (or even contribute to) this tutorial – see http://rr-tutorials.readthedocs.io/.


The term Reproducible Research (RR) refers to “the idea that the ultimate product of academic research is the paper along with the full computational environment used to produce the results in the paper such as the code, data, etc. that can be used to reproduce the results and create new work based on the research.” [Source: Wikipedia].

The need for reproducibility is increasing dramatically as data analyses become more complex, involving larger datasets and more sophisticated computations. Obviously, the advent of the Cloud Computing paradigm is expected to provide the appropriate means for RR. This tutorial is meant to provide an overview of sensible tools every researcher (in computer science but not only) should be aware of to enable RR in its own work. In particular, and after a general talk presenting RR and the existing associated tools and workflow, this tutorial will propose several practical exercises and hands-on meant to be performed on each attendee’s laptop, to cover the management of sharable Development environment using Vagrant. Resources of this tutorial will be available on Github.