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FAQ: How Can I See How Much Disk Space I'm Using and What My Quotas Are?

There is a special command available on the cluster that prints the disk usage and quota on all file systems for your personal folders and all projects you are a member of:

$(access)> df-ulhpc

The following columns will be presented:

  • Used: amount of space currently in use on the specific path
  • Soft quota: warning level, you can still create files temporarily (until hard quota is reached or the grace period expires)
  • Hard quota: effective limit you cannot go above
  • Grace period: temporary number of days you can violate the soft quota for (if you are already above the soft quota, this column will display the number of remaining days)

To check the number of files you’re currently using, you need to use the -i parameter:

$(access)> df-ulhpc -i

This is useful as having very many small files can leave you unable to create more files without having reached your storage space quota. The same fields as above will be displayed.