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This page is dedicated to the publications and research articles that:

Instructions to see your publications listed on this page are also provided

Having your publications listed on this page is a very important indicator for us to quantify the concrete impact of the UL HPC facility on the research performed at the UL. This is required per Acceptable Use Policy.
This can be done by following the below instructions.

UL HPC Reference article

In an attempt to promote the management operated on the UL HPC platform, we made an article submitted to IEEE HPCS’2014 which has been accepted for publication.

We kindly ask you to use this article as reference when citing the platform in your research articles, for instance in the acknowledgements you should place at the end of your article (as per Acceptable Use Policy).

The BiBTeX entry for this paper is as follows (see also the corresponding ORBilu entry if you wish to retrieve the article):

   author =       {S. Varrette and P. Bouvry and H. Cartiaux and F. Georgatos},
   title =        {Management of an Academic HPC Cluster: The UL Experience},
   booktitle =    {Proc. of the 2014 Intl. Conf. on High Performance Computing \& Simulation (HPCS 2014)},
   year =         {2014},
   pages =        {959--967},
   month =        {July},
   address =      {Bologna, Italy},
   publisher =    {IEEE},

Reminder The general rules for your publications presenting results or contents obtained or derived from the usage of the platform are as follows:

  1. Mention the HPC facility @ Uni.lu in the acknowledgment section, using the official banner
  2. Cite the reference article above whenever it is apppropriate.
  3. Tag your publication once registered on Orbilu by adding the “ULHPC” research center by following the below instructions.

UL HPC Users Publication List

You’ll find below the List of publications generated thanks to the UL HPC Platform.

ULHPC tag on your OrbiLu publications

To see your publication listed on this page, the procedure is quite simple and require to tag the corresponding entry on ORBilu with the ULHPC research center (in addition to any regular research center you might wish to link with your publication). This can be done as follows:

  • Login on MyOrbiLu
  • select your publication entry and select the “Modify/review the reference” icon
  • select the “2. Additional info” section
  • in the “Research Center” field, enter ulhpc and select the “University of Luxembourg: High Performance Computing (ULHPC)” entry in the proposed list,as illustrated below:

  • click on the “Next” button or select the “4. Validation” section
  • select the “Confirm” button: you’re done!

Note that multiple research center can be added to the same publication.

Important Again, tagging the publication(s) you have produced thanks to the usage of the platform upon their registration on OrbiLu is mandatory as per the Acceptable Use Policy.

Failing to satisfy this constrait will cause an appropriate response on our part.